Come to VGIK you can also, as in any University in the country. First you need to collect the necessary documents: the certificate about leaving school, the results of the exam, a certificate of health, passport, military ID or military service registration certificate, and copies of all these documents and 6 photographs of the applicant size 3x4. Each applicant in addition to the mandatory exams is waiting for a creative challenge. But before you begin to pass the entrance exams you need to bring in UNIVERSITY documents.
What to do in <strong>cinematography</strong>
In the selection Committee shall be documents and the application for admission. Starts feeding documents from the end of may. Documents can be brought personally, and you can send in the mail. In this case the letter shall be registered with the notification and poist attachments. After all, they are proof that the documents were accepted.
What to do in <strong>cinematography</strong>
In mid-July the applicant must arrive in person at the UNIVERSITY for the admission tests. This includes basic objects and creative competition. Graduates can also enroll in the UNIVERSITY according to the results of the exam. But from the passage of creative competition, they are not exempt. Then those who scored the highest total number of points credited to the places financed from the budget, i.e. the budget places. Those who could not overcome the minimum threshold of points for admission, may apply for enrollment in commercial places. Classes at the University starts, as everywhere else, since 1 September.
What to do in <strong>cinematography</strong>