To be a journalist is not as easy as it seems. Despite the fact that this humanitarian profession, it also implies that man has some creative bent. And it will have to show and prove on the receipt.

What objects need to pass for admission to the journalism

Naturally, in order to study the future of the shark pen, you need to know very well Russian language and be able to handle the word, and thus literature. Today, most universities accept the results of the exam. So basically what will need to the applicant is the results of the unified state examination in Russian language and literature. This is worth remembering when you have to choose in school, what extra subjects to pass the exam.

It is desirable that the scores were the highest, because the journalist is not just a must, he must be literate and know the native literature.

There are universities which do not look at the results of the exam. Among these, for example, is MSU. To enter the main higher educational institution of the country for many, so the competition is quite high. And if you take all those who have high scores, just not enough seats. Therefore, in the Moscow state University conduct their entrance test. They include an essay, which will show as a future journalist owns the word, and the level of it literacy. And can also be tested on knowledge of Russian language and literature.

In addition, some universities may ask the results of the exam in such disciplines as history, foreign language or social studies. This is due to the fact that the journalist should be developed and grounded in all spheres of life.

Additional testing

There are universities which in addition to the results of the examinations may request to be interviewed in 2 stages. The first of which implies it is the interview where the teachers can assess the breadth of vision of the applicant and the ability to navigate in different themes – from the economy to the social sphere. The second stage usually implies a creative competition, during which the applicant will offer to write an essay on a specific theme. This assignment helps to assess lexical student, the presence of literary abilities and more.

Availability of publications

Since the specialty is creative and modern youth starts working from the age of 16, many at the time of admission is already different experience in the field of journalism: publications, participation in programs as a reporter, issues of school television studios. For such a creative selection of suitable articles in the school newspaper. The main thing is to bring them more and show how active participation was accepted and how much the applicant wants to become a professional journalist.

The total score is considered to be the totality of tests passed.