You will need
  • - the complaint in two copies;
  • commodity or cashier's check;
  • - the passport.
To return the modem back to the store, do the following. Come in store and ask to take the item back, explain the reason for the return. Refer to the law of the Russian Federation "On protection of consumer rights" from 07.02.1992 g. it is said that if the operation of the product revealed any flaws that are not stipulated by the seller, you have the right to terminate the contract of sale, to demand to return money for the goods. You also have the right to demand to replace the goods with the recalculation of its price.
Write a written claim for a refund of the modem. In it, specify the name and address of store where purchase of the goods, the number and time of purchase. Also fill in your details: full name, passport details, and address. Then describe the claim and specify clear requirements (for example, to return the money or replace the product). Put your signature and date. Claim written give to the seller in hand. Document make two copies, one of which is Express yourself. Demand that on your instance, the seller stamp or signature. This will confirm your appeal.
If within the specified period on your requirements did not respond, contact the CPS or the society for the protection of the rights of consumers.