To disable the rate, suffer for a long time is not necessary. Just stop using the Internet, and you will shut off after a while, and your number will register on the other person. This operation is carried out with all SIM-cards, which for some reason went out of use, that no one needed the rooms are not "hung". The modem just has a built-SIM card (but you probably know about this, since after purchasing the modem SIM card into the modem inserted itself).
With the shutdown of the Internet and the modem from the computer also does not arise any problems. A modem is a flash device, so pay attention to the usual operation that should be performed when disconnecting flash drives: safe removal. On many computers the Windows safely remove hardware icon when working with these modems is not displayed, but if this is not your case, then do not neglect this opportunity.
But generally speaking, there is a certain order to disable the program MTS connect. Do not ignore them, because otherwise you may have problems connecting in the future (for example, the computer will not "see" the flash drive next time, and will need to reinstall the software). Start to close all browsers and programs that use the Internet. Then open the program (usually the icon of the MTS connect appears in the lower right corner of the screen) and hit "disable". Then close the program and unplug the modem.
You can disable MTS connect in another way. Open the connections folder, there should be displayed a telephone connection. Disable it the same way you turn off other types of network connections. This method is especially important if the program MTS connect "hangs" or is unresponsive.