You will need
  • - the application addressed to the store;
  • phone;
  • check.
The Federal service for supervision of consumer protection explains some aspects of legal regulation of relations arising in the implementation of telephone sets. So, according to this explanation within 14 days from the date of sale phone of appropriate quality to exchange it for a similar product, covering the difference in cost of the goods.
According to all-Russian classifier of products OK 005-93 consumer electronic equipment belongs to the class of goods codes OKP 6ы 8000 - OKP 65 8900. Cell phone is officially called "portable radio", has all Russian products classification code 65 7140 and refers to the means of radio communication, broadcasting General use.
Thus, the cell phone is not classified as consumer electronic equipment, and the refusal to exchange a specified cell phone is illegal. For cell phone replacement for a similar product of another model write the name of the store corresponding application, and if your request will be ignored, contact the territorial bodies of Rospotrebnadzor in order to attract sellers of cell phones to administrative responsibility for infringement of the law.
To get the money back for the phone is problematic. According to the law, even in the event of a malfunction of the phone and the availability of substantial defects in the proposed exchange the phone with an equivalent model, not a return. When you return and exchange your phone try to keep it shiny and complete.
If the purchase of the phone was filled with some sort of warranty card, chances to return the phone drop to zero, because once filled warranty card to re-fill, and therefore to sell this phone as new will not happen.