You will need
  • Computer, modem Beeline
What is locking the modemand? First and foremost I want to note that he is locked not the modemand SIM card used in it. Lock basically is due to the fact that the limit ends of customer service. No matter do you pay for each megabyte of incoming traffic or use unlimited data plans after funds in the account is automatic blocking of the card. Here's what you should do to unlock the card.
To unlock modem Beeline, you just need to put on a number of SIM card used in the modemof e, the necessary amount of money. You can do this in two ways: either to visit the office of the operator Beeline, or to use any payment terminal. Turning to the coordinates to Beeline, you will need to call the call number and to Deposit the required amount according to the contract. When the balance is replenished via the terminal you should be more careful. To make money choose the form of payment of services of Internet providers, never pay through the Cellular.
Don't expect the modem will be unlocked immediately after the account will be credited the necessary amount of money. Typically, the device starts to work the next day. If the modem will be inactive for the next after the payment day, please contact customer support Beeline (0611 with a cell phone) and specify the reason. If you do not use the device for more than two months, in order to avoid additional charges (if unlimited, etc.) will inform the employee of the Call center.