You will need
  • - passport
  • - receipt on payment of communication services
First, make sure that from the moment of payment at the expense of another's rooms was no more than 14 days. Also, make sure that the number that was erroneously credited a payment, are managed by MTS. To do this, check that the phone contains one of these prefixes: +7(910), +7(911), +7(912), +7(913), +7(914), +7(915), +7(916), +7(917), +7(919), +7(980), +7(981), +7(982), +7(983), +7(984), +7(985), +7(987), +7(988) or +7(989).
Compare your number with what was specified incorrectly. Make sure that incorrectly States no more than 3 digits or changed procedure following not more than 4 digits.
If the above conditions are suitable for your case, write a statement to the operator of MTS about the postponement or the refusal of payment and the refund. For this purpose in the upper right part of the form enter your name, phone number MTS, series and number of passport, date of birth, registration, additional contact numbers and email address.
In the middle part of the statement, check "Transfer payment", if you want to transfer the erroneously deposited funds into your account with MTS. Enter the check number, date of payment, the amount of the paid amount and enter your number of MTS in the corresponding field.
If you are a subscriber of other mobile operator, label the paragraph "Refund payment", noting in it that are serviced by another provider. Also specify the required data with the check about the payment and the details of your Bank account or credit card for the refund amount.
Complete the statement by putting on the form of his signature and the date of the document. Attach to the application a copy of the sales receipt proving Deposit of funds into wrongly specified number, and a copy of your passport.
Pass statement with attached photocopies of any employee of salon-shop of MTS, send an email to the address or send by Fax 766-00-58.
Wait for 3 working days. After this time check your account balance and make sure that the balance of your number MTS is credited for that amount or your Bank account has received demanded money.