If the decision to cancel the order made in the course of formation, you should click the "cancel" button, or a special icon on the "basket". To check the transaction at the purchase amount, which shall be reduced by the amount of a previous order of the product. If the execution order has already occurred and received a corresponding notice, you should memorize the assigned number for messages to the operator.
There are several ways to cancel feature order. To cancel an order in the "my account" click "cancel". Such a method is particularly optimal at the weekend. After that you should call the Manager of the online store, cancellations and provide the number of the order.
Write about the refusal of the order by e-mail to the e-mail address of the online store. Usually the email address indicated on the site. Also write about the refusal in the notice about the making of the order.
The most simple and convenient for the seller and the buyer by way of cancellation, is a phone call to the Manager of the online store prior to the staffing order. For perishable goods that is essential. In case of cancellation of order after making the payment for the goods, the repayment is made within one to three working days minus the amount for shipping goods. If the goods are paid after delivery, the buyer is entitled to reject the goods, paying only shipping.
So the buyer can refuse the item was mailed. The rejection of substandard goods in the Internetstore little different from metabolism in stationary stores. Within seven days to send the defective product, while maintaining a shipping receipt and a receipt.