The owners of the 3G modems can resent for various reasons: a bad connection of the modem, it is inadvertent disconnection, unstable pings, etc. most Often, the owners of such devices are faced with spontaneous disabling of the modem. So if the modem is disabled, its owner has to again get the device from the connector and plug it back in. Of course, if this procedure is repeated several times a day, it can not to upset the person, and this problem needs to be solved somehow.

The solution to the problem with spontaneous disabling

There are several ways to do it. For example, if your 3G modem is connected via a special extension cable or hub (this is usually done to enhance the signal and in order not to break accidentally 3G modem), it's just you want to disable from there and attach to a USB port directly on the computer. The problem will be solved. If you use a connection via a hub or some such device, then you'll need to open "start menu", go to "control Panel", and then, in the left menu, open the "device Manager". In the window that appears you should find "Network device". There should be a variety of Catfish the modem. They need to be open and in the power settings remove the tick from "Allow disable device to save energy". After saving the changes, the Internet will work properly, without inadvertent disconnection.

Solution other troubles

Of course, spontaneous disabling 3G is not the only problem. Very often these devices are lost or greatly deteriorating the signal. In order to get rid of this problem, you just need to put any speakers in the vicinity with 3G modem. In this case, the signal will increase by approximately 30%. In addition, you can not spend the money to buy even the cheapest speakers.

The device owner will need only to copper wire. You need to open the lid of the modem and several times to wrap the wire device in the place where is the SIM card. Then the end of the wire is set to the place where he can receive the signal. Thus it is possible to increase the signal to 95%. If your ping jumps, then it can only mean one thing - the device automatically searches for a stable signal.

To get rid of this scourge, you need to open a special tool to control 3G modem (for example, MegaFon-Internet), select "Settings" and "Network". Here you need to specify the following parameters: Network Type - WCDMA only", "Band - GSM900/GSM1800/WCDMA900/WCDMA2100", "registration Mode - Manual search. After the updates you want to save the settings and choose MegaFon (3G).