You will need
  • Computer, USB USB modem.
Before you can enjoy the Internet from MTS, you have to choose for yourself the best tariff plan. The company today presented a whole range of tariffs, each of which is designed for the specific needs of the user. In choosing the best option you will help the Manager of the company when purchasing the modem. Once you choose a service plan, the Manager activates the SIM card for Internet access. Once your modem is activated, you will be able to use the Internet on any computer.
Connect USB modem to PC. Plug the device into any free USB port on your computer and allow determination of the modem system. Before you get access to the Internet, you have to install the necessary software on your PC. This does not require any special drives. The installer is required to be launched automatically once the modem is connected to your computer.
After starting the installer you need to specify the destination directory of the software installation. You can not change the settings, leaving the parameters of the installation by default. To do this, always click the "Next" button, and then click "Install". Software installation will last no more than two minutes. When the installation is complete, restart the computer by specifying the appropriate command in the menu "start".
After reboot you will be able to access the Internet via a USB modem. For this you need to launch the application using the shortcut that is created on the desktop.