Advice 1: How to remove modem

If the modem goes wrong, it should be removed. Failures in the modem are observed after frequent seizures of the device in an unsafe way. Sometimes it happens due to viruses. In order to remove the modem, you need to make several actions.
How to remove modem
Remove the modem by clicking on the "safely remove hardware". The button is at the right side of the desktop, at the bottom of the screen. Has the appearance of green arrows. After the computer writes that the device can be removed, remove the modem from the USB connector.
Open the folder "My computer" and select "add or remove programs".
After the computer generates a list, find the icon that corresponds to the modem. Usually the modem icon can be viewed on your desktop computer.
Click on "Remove". When you see a warning window that says "are you sure You want to remove this program?", click "Yes".
The computer will automatically remove the modem and all its components.
After removing the operating system needs to restart.

Advice 2 : How to remove the modem driver

Reasons to remove the driver of the modem can be many. For example, if you wanted to install a driver newer version, you need to delete unnecessary information from the computer. There are many ways to uninstall the driver of the modem (or other equipment), but in some cases, the driver is not removed completely that can be a problem when installing other software.
Uninstall and install the modem drivers
The simplest method, requiring no additional software is remove Windows (or another operating system, but the sequence of actions in any one of them will be similar). Usually any program (or driver) creates a folder in "local disk:/ Documents and Settings/username/start menu/programs. There shortcuts removal and run that for ease of use can be found in start/all programs/your driver and out to remove it. But it is only suitable for modems that install the driver in a separate folder in "program files" (typically modems that use SIM cards). If this approach failed, remove the following: start/control panel/add or remove programs in the list, find the name of the driverand the modem and press the "delete" button will begin the removal process.
The following method. Using standard operating system tool removal is not always smoothly, to avoid this, you need to use a special utility to uninstall the software. For the best to remove the driverand use a program such as CCleaner or Your Unistaller. The second program is better because it completely removes the software, cleaning the registry of the files related to the driver. Using it is easy: run the program, and then in the list locate the driver, click on it then click "delete (trash icon), then click "continue" and just follow the prompts until you delete the driver.
The latter method is also made by Windows. Click the right mouse button on the icon "my computer", then click on "properties", further "equipment", "device Manager", find your modem in the drop-down list of modems, click the right mouse button then "properties" and "driver". And the last thing you need to do is click on the "delete" button will begin the removal process.
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