First of all you need to know the phone number of your SIM card. This information you can look in the contract concluded with the operator the contract for the provision of communications services. If this is not possible, remove the SIM card and plug in a normal mobile phone, then call a friend or send a message to your phone number.
Put the money to the account through the terminal. To do this you need to visit the phone store or any store where you installed payment machines. In the display select section "communications services," then click on "MTS" and enter the ten digit phone number. Insert money into terminal and confirm the payment. Within a few minutes (and sometimes hours) the money credited to your account. Be sure to save the receipt.
To recharge you can and using the card Express payment. Mobile operator issue cards in the following denominations: 50, 100, 150, 300 and 500 rubles. You just need to erase the protective layer and enter the 15-digit code. Before that, dial the following combination of characters: *111*155#. You can also send code in a message to the number 0850.
If you have a Bank card, replenish account with it. To do this, insert it into the ATM, enter the pin code. Select "Payment services", then click "communication Services". In the list that appears, click on "MTS", enter the phone number and the payment amount. Be sure to save the receipt.
You can recharge your account through the official website of the company "MTS". For this you need to go to the payment of goods and services, select "Mobile phone". In the opened menu, enter a phone number, enter the amount and the Deposit method (card visa). Click "Next". Enter the card number, expiration date, name on your Bank account and CVV2/CVC2. Finally, click "Pay".
To recharge you can in the office mobile operator "MTS" or the company, other than his dealer. If you currently have a personal account number or phone number.