Advice 1: How to return the appliances to the shop

Appliances returned to store for different reasons. Someone is not satisfied with published by washing machine noise, someone found the oven cheaper and more powerful, and someone like color cleaner. The sellers themselves seem to not mind returns, because they say that you can return the item within 14 days. However, in reality the situation is not so simple.
How to return the appliances to the shop
Article 25 of the Law on consumer protection says that the consumer really has the right to exchange nonfood goods of proper quality within 14 days. For this you need to contact the store, to present a or cash a check, to demonstrate the safety presentation, seals, labels, return things.
The seller must personally ensure that the thing didn't use and saved the factory packaging. To explain the reason for the return, the buyer is not obliged to, consider this. If the purchased item is faulty or defective, immediately contact the storewhere you purchased this product.
The law is on your side: you have to return the money or exchange the defective item.
Moreover, the absence of cash or the sales receipt is not a reason for refusal of refund or exchange of goods. In this case, refer to the testimony.
Different is the case of technically complex appliances. This electrical machinery and apparatus, household radio equipment, home computer equipment, photographic equipment, video equipment, electronic musical instruments, electronic toys, household gas appliances and devices. For such goods a warranty period that emphasizes their technical complexity.
If you have purchased a product from this category is of adequate quality to return it just like that, without good reason, the shop within 14 days is impossible. As you cannot refund or exchange for similar goods.
However, if in the process of operation detected faulty or defective, you can legally terminate the contract of sale. Please contact the store, show the faulty item or the conclusion of an independent examination, if the defect is not visible at first sight. Now the seller must return the money or replace the faulty thing.
Remember, the seller has the right to their own expertise, whose goal is the elucidation of the causes of defects. If the examination shows that there was mechanical damage of the things or product, through no fault of buyer, the claim will be denied.
Remember that ignorance of the law does not relieve the seller from liability.
If the seller continues to stand his ground and refuses to change the defective item, refer a complaint to the Federal service.
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If the seller refuses to do so, make a written statement of complaint or contact the city Committee for the protection of the rights of consumers.

Advice 2 : How to restore home appliances

Home appliances belongs to the category of technically sophisticated products, therefore, the rules of repayment are different from those that apply to ordinary things. In particular, you can not return household equipment in the shop under the pretext that she just did not like.
How to restore home appliances
There is a list of No. 55 industrial goods of proper quality that cannot be returned to store. Make sure that you do not include your appliances in the list. References electrical machines and apparatus, photo - and video equipment, telephones, electronic musical instrument, electronic toys.
In that case, if you detect a malfunction, check list, No. 575. It lists appliances that can be returned to the seller only in case of significant technical problems. These include fatal failures or defects that can be corrected only with disproportionate expenses or time expenses. Substantial disadvantages are those which appear repeatedly even after repair.
The fridge and freezer, washing machine, computer with shortcomings that just cause you inconvenience to return or exchange you can't. In this case, there is only a free warranty repair. For example, when you think that the washing machine is too noisy to return or exchange it at the store will fail. And in that case, if it does not serve any purpose – not erases or blurs badly - is already possible to refer to the list No. 575.
When, after signing the act of acceptance or agreement, you brought the goods home and found a physical flaw – a crack or defect in the housing, a chip or a dent to prove it was not your fault, you most likely will not succeed. But you can order an independent examination which will prove what the defect is, for example, a month ago, and the technique acquired a week ago. This will become an argument for a refund.
Back of home equipment you can without packaging and without a receipt. The condition for this may well be a document on the purchase of goods. Testimony that you can present as proof of their purchase in court is usually not considered as sufficiently convincing argument. The contract or the warranty card issued – arguments more reliable.
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