Setting to automatically connect to the Internet

This problem when the Internet is not automatically enabled when you start the computer only applies to users who connect to the world wide web using a modem. So as permanently to connect the Internet manually becomes boring in time, it is desirable to configure it so the connection would happen automatically.

The first thing you need to specify the name of the Internet connection in English. In control panel, it is necessary to select "Network and Internet", then "Network connections". If the connection has not yet been created, then you need to do this if it is already there, you need to rename an already-created connection. The name can be given, for example, VPN.
Then you need to start the function of task scheduling of Windows. To do this, start "control Panel", and then select points "System and security", "Administration" and "task Scheduler".

Then you need to create a task using the "Action". First you need to enter any name and description of the task click "Next". The next step is to select the option when to connect the connection. You can select "When the computer starts" or "When you log on to Windows". On the next tab "Action" select "Start the task".

Then in the field "Program / script" to specify a program built into Windows that use to work with network connections - C:/Windows/system32/rasdial.exe. And in the "Add arguments" type like this – *connection name* *username* *password*. For Example, " VasyaP 12345.

Finally, you put a Daw in point "to Open the properties for this task...." and click "Finish". Window opens settings for network connect VPN where you need to put daws in paragraphs "Run for all users" and "to Comply with the impending rules" and click "OK". Now each time you turn your PC/laptop network connection will occur automatically.

An alternative way to automatically connect Internet

You can also configure automatic connection function of the startup programs. First you need to create a. BAT file. Open Notepad and fill it with this text:
cd %systemroot%\system32
start rasdial VPN VasyaP 12345.

It is clear that the network name, username and password need to enter your. After that, the document in Notepad to save and rename the file to VPN_auto.bat. If you don't see file permissions - you can enable them in Windows Explorer, selecting "tools" - "folder Options" - "View".

Then you need to copy this file on the path C:/ProgramData/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/StartUp. You will need to restart the computer, then the Internet should connect automatically.