Save your presentation phone. As soon as you find faults, please stop using. Well, if you have not managed to change much in the machine. Remove the film from the screen – not terrible, but if you've already managed to scratch or drop the phone, to return it would be problematic. And, of course, the presence of a check will.
Know your rights. In this case you are interested in the Law on consumer protection (KABP), article 18. Following this article, you have the right to replace the defective phone on like normal, or to change to a phone of another brand (paying or receiving the difference in price), and require repair by the seller or a third party. Also in your power is to obtain money for the goods. The phone is not considered a technically complex product, so you have the right to spent back during the entire warranty period. Usually it is one or two years.
Take the phone to the store where you purchased it and explain to the seller the situation. You can leave the statement with the requirement to refund you the cost of the defective phone. Specify article zopp confirming your right to do so. In the best case you will get the money back. But the phone is unable to send for examination. It is necessary to establish that the cause of the fault is a manufacturing defect or misuse. Usually the examination lasts for 21 days. If it is established that the reason for failure of the marriage, then you will return the money. But it may happen that the guilty will recognize you.
You have the right to conduct the examination for your account at another service center. If the results of this examination will be the fault of the phone – manufacturing defect, you have the right to sue the store. Such claims are usually easy to win if you're holding the phone, the expert's conclusion, all boxes, receipts, warranty card.