You will need
  • - mobile phone
MTS is a specialized service of "Internet Helper", which is available to holders as ordinary contracts, and SIM cards to be used as a modem.
To use this service first you need to set a specific password. Open the top cover of the modem (it is easily moved towards the USB connector). In a kind of "pocket" will be the SIM card that you want to extract.
Insert the card into the slot for SIM of a mobile phone. Turn on the machine. If necessary, enter the PIN code which is printed under the protective tape on the plastic card that was originally installed SIM card.
Wait for network registration. After this, enter on the keyboard mobile phone *111*25# and wait for an SMS which States are required to login in Assistant password. Write it down and remember. If the message does not come, call 1118 and follow the instructions answering machine.
Insert the SIM back in the modem. Connect the device to the computer, connect to the Internet. Go to "Internet Assistant", which log in to personal accountusing the phone number and received a SMS password. If you don't know your number, it should be printed on the same plastic card where was written PIN.
In the opened window personal account will display the balance of the Internet. In the "Internet Assistant" it is possible to control the connected services, change tariff plan. You can also order the details of expenses for the period.