You will need
  • Computer;
  • - SIM card with the tariff MTS connect;
  • - USB modem or a mobile phone;
  • - coverage area of MTS.
Connect the dongle to any free USB port on your computer. The computer will automatically load the modem drivers and control program MTS connect (new versions – the connect Manager). If your location has a stable 3G coverage area (it will be visible on the display) to access the Internet it will be enough after starting the program, just click on "Connect", as all necessary settings are already in default.
Change the network settings, if the coverage of 3G or not it is fragile. To do this, select "Options" in the same menu as in the menu "Network" in the connection Manager to do this, click the "Settings"button).
Select a connection type, the Priority WCDMA if 3G coverage area unstable or "GSM only" if there is no 3G at all (in the program connect Manager - Priority 3G or just EDGE/GPRS", respectively).
Install connection settings to another network, if you intend to connect to it with the help of a set of MTS connect. To do this, select the menu "Options" the item "Manage my profile" - "New" and enter everything you need to create a new connection data in the appropriate fields in the connection Manager to change the profile, select "modem Settings").
Enable/disable auto start program control simultaneously with the start of Windows.
Select the settings for saving incoming SMS. Optionally, you can also set your ringtones for calls and messages.
Use your phone as a modem. To do this, connect it to the computer in any convenient way through data cable, bluetooth or infrared. If necessary, install the drivers.
Configure received modem. To do this, in control Panel select "Phone and modem options". In the opened window, in the list of modems, highlight your phone and click "Properties".
Select "Additional communication settings" and enter in the field "Extra initialization commands":AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP",""
Click "OK" to save the settings.
Create a new remote (dial-up) Internet connection. In the connection settings specify:
• user name, mts
• password mts
• call number *99#
More detailed instructions for creating a new connection for your operating system you can find on the website of the company MTS