If for some reason refused to open the visa and ticket already purchased, you can return it back to the carrier. To do this, take with a written denial of a visa, passport and your ticket. The carrier in this case, it should give you back the entire cost of the ticketand without deduction from it of a fine or any fees.
Don't forget that the return ticketand is strictly in place to implement it, and only the person against whom this ticket was issued. Be sure to bring your passport or other identification document.
You can return the ticketif a flight is cancelled or postponed it for a long period, or the flight rerouted to another airport. In this case send a written refusal to the ticket. The administration is obliged you to pay the entire cost of the ticketand without deduction of any commissions.
You can voluntarily abandon the flight and return ticket, if that is preceded by an objective reason, in writing outlining the reason for the refusal. In this case, the administration of the company-the carrier may deduct a sum as a penalty or fees. The amount withheld and the date of return and face value of the ticket.