To exchange or return an electronic ticket for the flight airline "Aeroflot", contact information and reservation phone 8-800-333-5555 (for the whole territory of the Russian Federation). People can contact a counselor by calling (495)223-5555. Service around the clock and completely free. Experts will answer all your questions and help you solve the problem with the exchange of the electronic ticket. For details of this operator become familiar with your situation and find out further details. Currently hold a passport and the printout of the electronic ticket to provide to the consultant its data. They will help to identify you.
For exchange or refund of the company "VIM-AVIA", contact customer support. To do this, send an email to Don't forget to include your name, ticket number, reservation and flight departure date. In the text of the letter also write your contact phone number so that the operator can contact you at any minute. After the return of the electronic ticket you will not lose your paid money. The company will return them in full size. Then order a ticket again.
E-ticket airline S7 change in any of their office. You can do this from 9 to 13 hours. You can also do this on the website of the company. Go to "My account" and there you will realize the exchange. Or use the tips of the operator's room 8-800-200-000-7. To exchange an e-ticket will inform your passport details. Also name the first and last four digits of the credit card you used when purchasing the ticket. Enter the booking number and flight itinerary. This will help to speed up the process of your application.
Train ticket exchange at the box office the train station. Unfortunately, in this case, the procedure for the exchange of electronic tickets is no different from the traditional. Bring your passport and a printout of the ticket. Get ready for what you have to spend a lot of time to wait for their turn because outside banks are usually crowded.