You bought tickets for the desired flight, but something has affected your plans and flights canceled. How to pass the ticket on the plane in this situation? It depends on the type of ticket, some tickets issued by the so-called deadweight rate, only allow a date change. In any case, the first thing you need to do is to call the airline or a travel Agency and explain your problem.
If you purchased a ticket at the airline Desk, go to any similar register and put a note on the "return place". The sooner you do, the greater the likelihood of reducing the amount of the fine.
If you purchased a ticket at the travel Agency should apply directly to that company and not to the carrier. If you do not have the opportunity to personally visit the office of the airline or tour operator, you can try to limit the call for further instructions. Do not forget that the conditions and procedure of return of tickets for all different carriers. But the chance that you will return the amount spent, in the amount of 70% of the nominal value of the ticket is great in any situation.
Booking of tickets through the Internet has its own quirks, in the process of registration, and in the process of refund or exchange. How to pass the ticket on the plane, purchased online? You must read the information provided on the website, on which you made your booking. If something is unclear or you do not have the ability to timely meet the conditions necessary for a return ticket, and therefore the funds, write to support, or contact the moderators. Often on sites that offer services for booking tickets, there are additional contacts – phone or email address. Be prepared for the fact that you have to visit the office of the company and to fill the special statement.