Advice 1: How to change airline tickets

If it so happens that you can't fly in a previously assigned time, but don't want to lose the money for the tickets, there are a few ways to do it. No loss do not succeed, but to reduce them to the minimum possible.
How to change airline tickets
You will need
  • Ticket
To change the tickets on the plane, contact your airline's ticket office or on the website where you booked the ticket to clarify the possibility to cancel the trip and get some of the money spent on the ticket. If you want to cancel, but to postpone the trip, find out whether you can do it and whether you are assigned some extra charge from the airline. If you are unable to use the tickets and the scheduled date of the trip due to airlines, we are entitled to a full refund of the ticket, and, in some cases, additional compensation of moral or material injury (in the presence of justification).
Otherwise, the change of tickets depends on what rate you chose during the purchase. For example, the price of the excursion allows you to change any ticket, even very close to the departure date, special rates, including discounts, on special terms, on "hot" lines practically do not allow this possibility. Some tariff provides for the change of ticket, but with mandatory deduction of funds from the cost of the ticket as a penalty. Sometimes you can change your rate, as some transport companies offer the ability to change tickets for other modes of transport or Vice versa.
If the tickets were not used, and the travel date has passed, such a case is considered individually. If there are valid reasons and documents supporting them (illness, refusal in issue of visa, etc.), in some cases it is possible to obtain a fraction of the price of the unused ticket back.
The sooner you decide to change the plane tickets, the easier and faster it will be possible to implement. In the early stages simply cancel the booking for the aircraft, but instead to reserve more tickets.
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Especially to quickly and conveniently change the ticket on the plane if you have booked via relevant online services.

Advice 2: How to get tickets

The conditions and procedure for the exchange of a plane ticket depends on the fare and reason for return. General trend: the higher fines and tougher limits, the cheaper the fare, in case of voluntary return receive money only in the Agency or airline of purchase, and the forced abandonment confirmed by mark carrier.
How to get tickets
You will need
  • - passports of passengers;
  • - forms of paper ticket with unused flight coupons;
  • - itinerary receipt electronic ticket;
  • - money for the payment of fines and fees, if those provided by the terms of the tariff.
If you decide to exchange the ticket (usually it is about the postponement of the departure to an earlier or later date) volunteer, you should contact the Agency or the airline office where it was purchased.
It will need the passports of all passengers, the ticket with unused flight coupons and the money for payment of required fees, fines, etc. depending on the fare conditions.To exchange an e-ticket will need to contact the website where it was purchased (the intermediary or the company itself, depending on the situation). The exchange of these tickets is usually described on the website, and it makes sense to study them before buying.
A special case, if the ticket exchange is forced. Recognized as such delay or flight cancellation for whatever reasons. In this case, you must apply first to the representatives of the airlines based at the airport. They will make the ticket a mark on the basis of which the refund will be recognized internally, and will provide instructions for further action.
If you need to make a forced exchange of the electronic ticket, and the required selection can be made in the itinerary / receipt. The so-called confirmation with information about all passengers and flight segments, which you can print upon completion of the acquisition of the electronic ticket on the Internet.
Better to have it in a case yourself or if you need to find a way to print directly at the airport.
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