Read the rules of use of the fare at which the ticket was purchased. Often the cheapness of preferential tariffs is due to the fact that to return it without any penalties or surcharges impossible. In this case, the only option would be for you to take the already purchased ticket and buy a new one. Moreover, it is highly likely that to take it you will be able only in the office where they were purchased. The ticket purchased at full price, you will trade without any problems subject to the availability of the new dates.
When the ticket was purchased via the Internet, consult the website of the airline, the planeof ω at which you fly. To find out whether and in what amount it will cost, please complete the website feedback form to request a ticket exchange. In it specify the order number, the date of new flights and, if necessary, room for a new flight or a new route, what tickets and how much they need to change, list the names of the passengers. Don't forget to leave your contact information: phone number, email address.
If you redeem the tickets it is urgent, make a note in the header. When the need arose for a few hours before departure in the evening, you will have to go to the nearest airline office, which is located at the airport.
In any case, you will need to pay a fine, which can reach 50-70 euros. Than later before departure you arrange a ticket exchange, the greater will be the penalties, so try to make this procedure as early as possible. To exchange the ticket for an equivalent, you will be able only in case if the new dates and flights still have tickets for the same price. Otherwise, the ticket you sell at full price.
You can exchange tickets without penalties and surcharges is only possible in a few cases: - in case of death of a family member of a passenger confirmed in writing; - cancellation of landing at the destination specified on your ticket, the air carrier;- cancellation by the carrier specified in the ticket;- changes the class of service indicated in the ticket.