You will need
  • The document to which the ticket was purchased (or foreign passport), reservation number, Bank card which was used to pay the ticket.
When you buy a ticket at the airlines office or travel of the operator easier and faster just to go directly to the seller. For this you will need to bring documents (civil or foreign passport), number and money to pay for the transfer of dates or exchange the ticket for another date. Date changes of tickets when purchasing travel packages (package) as a whole, can only produce a travel company, as in this case, the flight is a Charter and not a scheduled flight. Some Russian airlines (for example, "Transaero") give the change of the date of the flight only when referring to the airline office (including, even if the buyer is overseas).
When booking an electronic ticket through the official website of the airline you can call the hotline of the airline around the clock. The support staff customers can find out the cost of rebooking the ticket on certain dates and also to change the date online. The amount of the fee for change of date of departure depends on the airline fare. As a rule, the more expensive the rate, the lower the cost of overbooking (passengers in First and Business class date change, often free of charge, provided that the required number availability). When booking tickets through the website of the intermediary, the buyer can apply to change the flight date or in support of the intermediary, either directly to the airline.
Many foreign airlines do allow you to change the flight dates directly on its website, in a private office. The fee for changing the date removed from the Bank card in real time (operator pre-makes a phone call confirming the availability of your class on the required date). This is possible only when booking and paying the ticket directly on the airline website.
In some cases, if possible to return the ticket and buy it again, much cheaper to do this procedure. Usually this is possible when buying a ticket to a high class, either at purchase of return tickets in economy class.
Remember that when buying "last minute tickets" on sale or promotion, refunds and date change flight impossible, what is reported in advance when booking. In such cases, when it is impossible to fly to the required date, the ticket is burned.