A Mother and Child needs to be given to passengers with children under 7 years of age, immediately, regardless of how delayed the flight. Even if it's just 10-15 minutes.

Refreshments should be provided when delay of 2 hours or more. That is, after two hours of waiting, you have a right to demand their rights. You have the right to two free call or one email.

Hot meals are supposed in case of delay of over 4 hours. And every 6 hours a day and every 8 hours a night. Food, of course, you will not bring, but rather, will provide meals in a café at the airport.

After eight hours of waiting a day (6 hour night), you are required to get to the hotel and to ensure the safety of your Luggage.

Don't hesitate to ask and demand your rights. Do not let the air carrier to save money at your expense. For this you need to pre-record the phone numbers of the company, or to know their place of stay in the halls of the airport. Do not be lazy and find out all the information you need. This will help you avoid unnecessary inconveniences and troubles.

Often delays lead to larger troubles for passengers. You can be late for a business meeting, or be late for a transplant. You will remain unoccupied room, already paid for the hotel, or Vice versa, you have been evicted, and the flight is delayed and you have nowhere to just go. You can "divide" concert tickets or tour. For all situations, there is financial compensation. To obtain it we must remember and know exactly what fault has occurred an unfortunate delay. If the airline's fault, you can claim your compensation. If the reason was weather, or technical problems at the airport, the plane (not the airline, but leased), the claim file will be impossible.

Now about the money. In any case, and only if it is well established that the delay was the fault of the carrier, count, max, half the cost of your ticket. This is the maximum. And so, by the rules, 25% of the minimum wage established for the country, for each hour of delay. Today, the minimum wage is 5554р., so each hour of delay in payment to you will cost the company 1388р.50 COP. of Course, such compensation is unlikely to cover even a small part of potential losses, but the law is the law.

Don't forget to put a note about the flight is delayed (for example, in itinerary receipt). This can make the company's representatives at the front Desk or at the point of exit of your flight on the parked aircraft. If there is no dealer, it must be done by the airport staff at the information Desk.

Also, don't forget to save all receipts to your self spending hours of waiting. Don't forget about the stamp, about the reasons for the delay/postponement of the flight.

In different companies these rules can change, but only in the direction of improvement for the passenger.