First and foremost, if you are not a transit passenger go to the front Desk and find out about the cause of the flight cancellation. Specify the time of the next flight, as well as free provision of hotel, food, phone cards in case of a long wait. If the time of the next departure for you immediately re-register the ticket. Otherwise, ask for a refund. Also re-register or receive checked baggage. Then wait for departure at the airport or go home, if possible. For transit passengers the pattern of behavior is somewhat different. After learning about the cancellation, find the airline representative that in such a situation must be present on the spot. If you can't find it yourself, please contact any officer or airport security. Inquire about the time of the next flight, ask about re-booking a ticket, if you do not have the visa required to enter city, learn about the ability to provide you with hotel, food. If the wait promises to be long, ask for a pillow and a blanket. Be persistent and do not let the representative of the airline as long as all your requirements are satisfied. Do not forget about the Luggage, reregister or get it on hand. In both cases, be sure to make a note in the ticket about the cancellation, retain all paid in the waiting period checks. They will need to issue a refund. If the airline refuses to provide certain required services, request a certificate of cancellation of the flight or check at the ticket stamped. Make a similar act with the passengers registered on one flight. Help will be needed in the court for registration of the claim. Check out your chosen airline about the procedure and terms of refund in case of delay or flight cancellation. General duties of carriers specified in the rules for all airlines.