You will need
  • - the passport; - the paper ticket, itinerary receipt or order number.
The possibility of an exchange of a plane ticket depends on the airline, the flight and the tariff in force at the time of purchase. In each case specify whether it is possible to exchange your airline ticket with your carrier, the airline or the travel Agency by phone or on the website. The ticket exchange will have to pay the fee or penalty. Their size depends on the rate at which we bought the first ticket.
If the airline has such an option as "Apply for exchange" or "feedback", use it, putting the reservation number and the old and new routes and travel dates in the fields of the application. Also specify the email address where you will receive a reply about the possibility of sharing or leave your phone number. Immediately find out how much it will cost to change my ticket.
Most likely, in order to exchange the ticket on the plane you will have to go to the airport ticket office. Before you go, find out its mode of operation. It is advisable to come for the exchange of plane ticket during working hours of the ticket office, coinciding with the working hours of the airline. This is to ensure that if you have any additional questions, the cashier took the phone to resolve them quickly. If you have on hand only the number of orders made through the electronic system or in the itinerary receipt is printed out from the website, to exchange the ticket you can only cash in which is installed the same system.
Employee air tickets making the exchange of your ticket only if the following conditions are met: you are interested in flight has available seats; tickets for these places are sold at a price of fare purchased, exchanged ticket; you have paid all prescribed fees and fines. The less time before takeoff, the larger the size of the fines. Free ticket exchange is possible only in cases of cancellation of a flight or landing, and when the inconsistency of flights in transit at the fault of the airline.