You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • is a credit card.
Please visit the official website of the company In the lower right corner click on "Schedule". Please see the schedule of departures. To do this, type into the search box the city of departure, city of arrival and date of departure and return. Click on the "Find flights". A page will open that lists all flights on the given numbers.
With the button "Buy ticket" (left upper corner) go to the page to purchase tickets. Read the rules of booking and payment of tickets and confirm a tick in the appropriate box. This information is in the bottom of the page. In the appropriate fields select the city of departure, city of arrival, date of departure and arrival, and enter the number of passengers and class of service. Verify the information and click on the button "Find flights".
See pricing, select the rate and put a dot in the corresponding circle. Go to the next page.
Check again all data and the final price of the ticket. If you are a participant in the program Aeroflot-Bonus, enter the username and password in the specified boxes. If no, proceed to next step by clicking on the button "Continue as guest".
Take passport and fill in all the fields. If you are traveling to Russia you will need an internal passport, if traveling abroad, make international passport details. Keep in mind that the name should be specified in Latin characters. Then fill in the contact details. Go to the final stage.
In special circle, specify the form of payment. You can pay the ticket by credit card, through PayPal or in one of the offices of the company.
Read the fare application rules and other rules and regulations and tick the offer box. If you intend to make payment by card, prepare it. Go to the next page, select your card type and enter the required information. In this case, the itinerary receipt will be sent to your email address.
You can also buy airlinetickets the company Aeroflot on one of the specialized sites for the sale of tickets or in the ticket office.