Check that you meet the requirements for admission to the service in MOE. You must be of legal age, be fluent in language and have completed professional education.To the staff of the MOE as a public servant to meet a number of additional requirements. They should be fully capable, not have citizenship of another state, as well as preventing serious diseases. In addition, admission to the service will need a waiver for the submission of information about the property and income – tax entities.Don't forget that according to the legislation, the state service cannot implement close relatives if one of them is subordinate to another.
Provide a package of necessary documents: application, passport, employment record book, confirming the formation of a document, a certificate from the tax Inspectorate on the provision of information about income, insurance certificate, the conclusion about the health status and the document of the military account.
Wait on the results of verification of the submitted documents. You will be informed in writing on admission to a service or a refusal.
Enclose employment contract, if able to enter service in MOE. About how to do this, you will be informed.