If you are thinking about becoming a flight attendant, first determine how you are a suitable candidate for external parameters. The cabin attendant can a citizen of Russia, a girl from 18 to 27 years, growth from 165 to 190 cm, weighing from 54 to 65 kg Color of eyes and hair does not matter, but you should have good posture, be attractive and have no external defects, tattoos and scars on the exposed parts of the body.
Well, if you already have any special education, but courses stewardesses are taking and girls who have completed only high school. Prerequisite is the basic knowledge of a foreign language – English, French or German at the level of two-year courses or three years of study at the Institute. In addition, you should be able to coherently and competently Express your thoughts and your speech should not have defects in pronunciation.
High demands on features of a profession and present to the physical health of flight attendants. It should be flawless and no fake help will not help – check it will be flight Commission.
In the case when all the above requirements you meet, you should submit your application for admission to the courses of the flight attendants one, and better in several airlines office which is located in the city where you live. Begin to operate such courses in the spring or autumn and last for 3-3.5 months. After the interview and health check, you'll be credited for them. As a rule, these courses will be free, paid by the airline.
Despite the fact that you will deal briefly, the intensity of training is quite high – you have to visit them 6 times a week. The training consists of theoretical and practical courses that complement each other. After studying them, will exam, which is held in the form of an interview or testing. In the case of positive evaluations, you will be enrolled in the airline staff, and your dream will become a reality.