You will need
  • - Passport;
  • - The passport;
  • - The insurance pension certificate;
  • - Documents confirming education;
  • - Photo small format.
Russian airlines regularly carry out a set on courses of flight attendants to become a flight attendant is for everyone who fits the minimum requirements:
• Age (varies by airline) – from 18 to 30 years;
• Growth can also be different requirements) – from 160 to 180 cm;
• Citizenship – the Russian Federation and Belarus;
• Education not lower than secondary special;
• Languages English – Pre-Intermediate (S7-Airlines hiring with knowledge of the Chinese language, Aeroflote English level must be Intermediate);
• Clothing size – 48 Aeroflot, Transaero and S7 – 46;
• Vision – below-3 to S7, Transaero – not below -2.5;
• Absence of scars on the skin, tattoos on exposed areas of speech defects.
If your settings match those requirements, fill out the form on the website of the airline. Transaero -, S7 - temporarily not recruiting flight attendants. Attach a full length photo in business suit and makeup, it will increase your chances.
In case of positive answer you will be invited for an interview, where the Manager of the airline will assess your appearance, demeanor and speaking. You must have a neat haircut (if your hair is long, put it in a ponytail or a bun), calm makeup, be in a suit or in a skirt with a blouse. Bring the above documents.
Be prepared to answer a variety of questions, including about how you would have behaved on Board in a given situation. Besides the main part, you will test the knowledge of the English language. The test includes grammar, listening, conversation on ordinary topics (a story about yourself, about the profession of flight attendant, etc.), a summary of the text. Excellent command of the English language will give you additional chances for admission to the school of flight attendants.
After a successful interview you will undergo medical Commission and begin classes. Training is conducted on the basis of the airlines, continuing from 2 to 3.5 months with scholarships, exams and internship on completion of the course. Employment history is from the first day of training. And then – only the sky!