In order to obtain the qualification of a flight attendant, you must undergo training courses organised, as a rule, the major airlines. The selection of entrants is conducted in three stages.At the interview candidates are asked to tell about their education and demonstrate knowledge of foreign languages: pass grammar test and to make the translation of the text. Chances are girls with higher education in psychology, management and medicine. Moreover, candidates must not have any defects. Girls should have pretty nice face, height, allowing you to reach the overhead bins in the cabin, and the weight from 54 to 65 pounds. If the size of the clothing applicants exceeds 46, it is considered to be full-bodied and not allowed to participate in the contest, as the completeness in this case is a sign of any health problems. In addition, the rigidity of such requirements lies in the need for space-saving in narrow aisles of the salon and the kitchen of the aircraft. The appearance of entrants should be the most natural: no physical defect, tattoo, piercing, large moles, scars, permanent make-up and extreme hair colors. The girl who wants to become a flight attendantmust be at least 18 and not older than 25-30 years.The majority of the contestants is eliminated at the stage of passing the medical Commission, since the flight attendant should have almost one hundred percent health that allows you to easily frequent change of time zones, climate zones and extreme pressure. In addition to the standard examinations and tests, girls are the tests for resistance to turbulence. The final stage of selection is the completion of a psychological test, which reveals the stress and emotional suitability, compiled psychological characteristic of a person. The flight attendant, which often determines human life should be disciplined and responsible, has to be balance and composure, have developed strong-willed qualities, technical thinking and good communicative and mnemonic abilities.The study itself lasts for about 2-3 months. During this time, future flight attendants study the types of aircraft, taught to provide medical care and security, in the framework of area studies cultures, policies and practices of foreign countries. In practical classes the girls learn how to behave in extreme situations and to build a competent contact with passengers. To obtain the certificate of completion of courses and qualification of steward of the third class must obtain at the final exam mark not lower than "four" and fly under the guidance of the instructor 30 teaching hours.