Advice 1: How to enroll in flight school, Aeroflot

The company "Aeroflot" in 2011 opened his own flight school. The reason was the needs of the company in the flight personnel and problems in training pilots in flight schools. In school can graduates of civilian flight schools, best aviation or a technical background, military pilots.
How to enroll in flight school, Aeroflot

General information

At the beginning of the course in summer school consisted of two stages. In the first phase training took place in the Ulyanovsk higher aviation school on a speciality "Flight operation of aircrafts". He studied there for 1.5 years. In the second stage of training was in the school of "Aeroflot" on a contract basis for 6 months. If you study at the College was to be free, the school for training have to pay, this company issued trust loan in the amount of study. The contract with the student provided that he finished flight school will work in the "Aeroflot" 5 years, he will deduct money from the salary to repay the loan. But this program has not gone as the airline has failed to solve the issue of budget financing from the state to pay tuition at the first stage.

The average salary of a second pilot in the airline "Aeroflot" an average of 250 000 p. Therefore the pay target credit granted to study in flight school, is not difficult.
In 2013, flight training in "Aeroflot" consisted of two parts. Initial training was accredited flight center in Florida, USA and took about 4.5 months. Course cost $55 thousand, and this is excluding the cost of flights, visas and food. After training, students passed two exams — one flight training and theoretical program. Student after successful completion of the exams received a pilot's license American standard. Training in the second part took place directly on the basis of the flight school "Aeroflot". Here are taught the basics of piloting a specific aircraft A320. The study took 6-7 months to complete and cost about $30 thousand

Admission to flight school "Aeroflot"

The school office where you can bring resume, pass the interview and ask the questions, is the building of the Moscow state technical University of civil aviation on the street Kronshtadsky Bulvar, 20 on the 5 floor in the room 505г. School phone - +7 (495) 981 55 20 add 51 or 52, e – mail address-

Aviation school of Aeroflot also carries out a set on courses of flight attendants. The training lasts about two months. Knowledge of basic English is required.
The school takes both men and women not older than 35 years who have the highest technical and aviation education and flight graduate schools. Aeroflot also offers training for students 4 and 5 courses in aviation institutes to immediately after graduation and study in flight school students came to the company in the position of the second pilot. After the interview and passing a special medical Board anyone can start training. But if Aeroflot gives the second part of the training trust loan, the money for the first part, the student must find himself. In 2013 it amounted to $55 thousand

Advice 2: How to enroll in flight school

The profession of pilot is now one of the most in demand in Russia. It is not surprising that many high school graduates interested in its acquisition. To the profession of a pilot in one of the many flight schools in the country. In order to successfully enroll in flight school must submit, what are their terms of admission and what is required from the candidate.
How to enroll in flight school
Since the Soviet Union all the flight schools are divided into civil and military. Accordingly, in the civil train pilots for civilian traffic and commercial organizations, military pilots for service in the air force. In addition, these flight school can be as higher and secondary technical training which lasts respectively for 5 or 3 years.
It is important to note that most flight schools today are preparing students not only flight crews, i.e. pilots, but also prepare all kinds of technical personnel for the aviation ground services. Therefore, entry requirements for applicants can vary considerably depending on the specific specialty and educational institutions.
In most cases, the flight school can get people with complete secondary education (certificate of successful completion of high school), at the age of 25, fit state of health and have successfully passed the entrance exams. As a rule, in the list of examination subjects included mathematics and Russian language. In some cases, is added to the exam in physics.
For admission to the examinations and interview, the applicant must submit to the admission Commission the following documents:
- certificate of complete secondary or vocational education;

- medical certificate form 086, certificate of immunized, a certificate of admission to the physical education lessons;

- autobiography;

-certificate from the psycho-neurological and narcological dispensaries;

- 6 photos in the size 3x4;

Upon application by the applicant personally is a passport and a certificate about the relationship to military duty.
For the specialty of pilots-pilots in addition to standard medical certificates required as a positive conclusion of the special medical Commission Vlek in flight school and successful passage of professional psychological selection. For some other specialties may need private ophthalmology report.

Advice 3: How to enter in the Suvorov military school in Moscow

Every boy in childhood wanted to be an astronaut, pilot or military. so you've decided to become a cadet. After all, being a cadet of the Suvorov and wear form for most boys is a great honor. But, unfortunately, not everyone can go to the Suvorov school. Such a right have only minor citizens at the age of 15 years, and graduated eight classes of secondary school, and they must meet all of the requirements in physical training and psychological selection.
How to enter in the Suvorov military school in Moscow
Please contact your local recruitment office, where you and your parents will tell you how to write a statement, and will have the necessary documents.Submit in time, the statement about parents desire their child to enroll in the school, which will also be agreed that the young man will continue training at the military College after graduation.Please include the following documents: copy of birth certificate, notarized; a statement of the young man who wants to do to the head of the University; the transcript of the student, certified by the seal of the school in which he studies; autobiography; General pedagogical characteristics with the signature of the class teacher and school Director; also stamped by the school report on the state of health verified by a special medical Commission, as well as on the suitability for admission to the Suvorov school student; copy of health insurance certificate, notarized; certificate from place of residence on family composition; references from their parents.
Submit documents confirming the right for preferential admission in this College.Make sure to get in the military free military permit travel document to the destination and back, if you live in another city.
Prepare for the exams after learning the date of the event.
Check for psychological and physical readiness to learn.
Specify passing grade for admission to College.Endure with dignity all the tests, and your efforts will be rewarded - you will be placed by order of the chief MSVU in Suvorovsky school.It is behind all trials and tribulations, and you finally became a cadet. With dignity carry this title and do not fail the expectations of your parents.

Advice 4: How to be a pilot

The profession of a pilot is one of the most attractive and romantic. Not surprisingly, many boys dream of being the pilotof the mi. To become a professional pilot by enrolling in one of the many flight schools of Russia. But it is important to imagine what are the requirements for applicants.
How to be a pilot
Method for those who want to become professional pilot:Relate your desires with the possibilities. You must possess certain physical, psychological qualities, to endure prolonged physical and psychological stress, be stress resistant, ability to make decisions in extreme situations and many more). You must have a complete secondary education. For admission you must provide a certificate exam in mathematics, Russian, physics, a foreign language.
Choose the direction. All flight educational institutions in Russia are divided into civil and military. If you want to be a pilot civil transportation, commercial organizations (passengers, goods for military use), then proceed to the school of civil aviation. If you want to serve in the air force, school of military aviation.
Note that the flight school are divided into universities and technical secondary. Depends on the term of study - 5 or 3 years respectively.
Prepare a package of documents: - certificate of secondary school or primary vocational education;
- medical certificate form 086, certificate about vaccination;
help from the neuropsychiatric and substance abuse clinics;
- 6 photos 3*4. In addition, required to undergo a special medical examination at the naval Academy. Upon graduation you will receive a certificate commercial pilot.
Method for those who want to learn to fly for themselves:Do to study pilot in a flying club. You will be able to make its first trial flight on the day of treatment.
Pass a medical examination. Will learn the theory of flight business independently or under the guidance of experienced instructors and teachers. Grab the required number of hours. Pass the exam and get my license.
Note that in Russia allocated three levels of flying skills: 1. Amateur pilot or private pilot;
2. commercial pilot;
3. linear pilot. These certificates get step by step. The commercial pilot certificate will allow you to fly. Linear pilot as the aircraft commander can control any class of aircraft, but you have to have a RAID of 150 hours and excellent health. In the Russian air club you can get only the certificate of the Amateur pilot and right to control a light private plane.
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