In order to apply for flight attendant in an airline, you need to send your application, interview and selection. These courses are free for candidates, except in cases of early termination of training – then you have to pay airlines compensation the cost of the course. Course enrollment involves signing a contract stating that the candidate agrees to work a certain number of years (usually 2-3 years) specified in the airline upon graduation. The courses last about three months. The school day lasts 6-8 hours. At the time of study the candidates will be charged a scholarship. In Moscow it is possible to get on courses of flight attendants at such airlines as "Aeroflot", "Transaero", "Siberia".

Another training option is to visit the paid courses, after which you do not need to be tied to the testing of required number of labour hours in a particular airline. At the end of paid training, you can get in any airline and to change jobs at any time. Such training courses are very intensive and takes a full day. The cost of a full course of study is from 30 to 50 thousand rubles.

In Moscow the paid courses, "flight" performed at the following institutions:
School conductors at the Moscow state technical University of civil aviation;
educational institution "Personnel";
educational institution "Jet Service".

Courses include the study of the theory of aviation, buildings, aircraft, psychology, English language, basics of medical assistance, as well as playing sports, learning style and make-up. Separately are studied and practiced in practice, the rules of conduct in emergency situations

Requirements to girls applying for the position of flight attendants

Requirements for candidates for specialty training of flight attendants is quite high and specific, especially in Moscow. These include:
- age from 18 to 35 years;
- the growth of not lower than 160 cm (such a requirement is justified by the need to reach overhead bins, seats);
- good condition;
- good knowledge of the English language;
- stress (the need for concentration and clear thinking in life-threatening situations);
- competent speech;
- friendliness;
- presence of citizenship of Russia.