Namaz is allowed to perform only adult, mentally competent Muslims. For women there are days when doing namaz is not necessary – during menstruation and after childbirth.
A place where you are going to do the Salatmust be clean. Like your clothes and body. The body is cleansed by ritual washing. Usually enough of the so-called wudoo ' is to wash the face, hands, feet. Remember that there are some actions the Commission of which completely annul your purification. For example, if after the ritual of water treatment and before making prayersand you fall asleep, lose consciousness, or to taste camel meat, you will have to do ablution again.
In some cases you want to perform the ablution and ritual bathing. Islam prescribes fully to wash before prayerom in the following cases: after intercourse, women after the completion of the "critical days" and after the birth. The process of ablution are strictly regulated. Supposed to do all the actions, turning face to Mecca, to read certain prayers, ablution, start on the right side of the body, to save water.
If there is no water or too little, Islam allows for the purification of sand. To do this, using your hands to sand, blow his hands and wipe his face in his hands.
Just before committing prayerand in your soul, you should see the intention to do it. The intention is one of the main conditions for correct execution of the prayer. As with the big ablution, your face should be facing in Mecca the Holy ka'ba. Close those parts of the body which it is proposed to close.
During namazand read a certain Surah of the Quran. Required to pronounce all words and sounds without distortion. Before you do the Salat, it is better to listen to the sound of verses from the mouth of the seasoned Muslim.