Determine the location of your country in relation to Makkah, where the Kaaba is located. So, for example, the believers of India with the prayer must be facing to the West, Dagestan to the South, Libya to the East, and Ethiopia to the North.
To determine the location of their country on the map, globe or compass. In this case, determining the place of its location on the map, see where it is relative to the South because that is where Mecca is. However you should know that the top map is always North and the bottom South.
In addition to this method, in case of map, compass or globe you have at hand, there are other methods of determining the Kaaba, which may in your case will be more acceptable.
Determine visually from the sun. So, in the summer at 2 p.m., and winter hours the sun is in the South of the country.
Determine your direction by using a mechanical clock. To do this, put the watch so that its dial was horizontal, and to send the arrow to the sun. Consider the resulting angle between the figure 2 in summer and number 1 in the winter and sunlight. Take the bisector of the resulting corner, it will point directly to the South.
Determine its location relative to Mecca, turn each time during prayer to the ka'aba face and read his appeal to God (prayer). If you find that stood in the pronunciation of prayers in the wrong direction, you should repeat the namaz again standing as required.