First, the worshippers have to stand up and face the direction of the Revered Kaba, located in Mecca. Men need to raise their hands to ear level and even to touch them, and women are advised to place both hands to the shoulders. Then you must say "Allahu Akbar". It is with these words begins the morning prayer.
In the morning namaze when reading a Chapter, you must remain standing (however, this does not necessarily be the case if the person is not able to do so). Women in prayer can have arms and men below the chest, but your belly button. You should pay attention to the fact that the right hand should be over left. A less preferred option: right hand to take the left wrist.
When reading Surah al-Fatiha is obligatory to follow the rules and respect the sequence of the Verses. Unacceptable the pronunciation of the letters with distortions and inaccuracies. Also, when reading you need to hear not only others but especially about yourself. Upon completion of this Surah you need to say "Amin" and read another small Surah for example: "al-Falaq" or "EN-Us".
Then follow a waist bow, which must be accompanied by the words "Allahu Akbar". Please note that when you bow to the palm of your hand should be positioned at knee level. In this position you need to be during the reading of the words "Subhana-llah". During the bowing, which is another name for a Hand three times to say "Subhana rabbiyal-Azim".
Prostration, or sujud, also begins with the words "Allahu Akbar". Then you want to say "Subhana rabbiyal-a La" (three times). Erect, sit down and say "gvir Rabbi Lee, Rabbi ghfir Li" which means: my Lord, forgive me. This is followed by the second sujud and again the words from the first. This concludes the first part of the morning prayer.
The second part consists of the same steps as the first. All performed in the same order. As soon as the second prostration, the worshipper should sit down and read "tahiyyat", and then "Salawat". Turning his head to the right, say: "assalamu alaykum WA Rahmat-Allaah" (which means Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy). Next, turn your head to the left and repeat these words.