In order that the woman can perform the prayer, she should do wudoo ' with observance of all necessary conditions for ritual ablutions. When performing namaz all the woman's body must be closed with a cloth. Except the face and hands.
In terms of clothing, in which a woman could pray, have strict rules. The fabric should be opaque, and the clothes should be spacious enough to, first, not to embarrass the movements, and secondly, not to show body shape.
As men, women are allowed to visit mosques, but it should be remembered that for women it is still recommended to read the prayer house. The reason lies in the attempt to limit joint gathering of men and women. In the mosque women can read the prayer in the prayer time if they are in a separate room or partition separating facilities for men and women.
Another feature is a recommendation that women committing collective prayers. The role of Imam thus can perform either the husband, the guardian of a woman or a woman who is able to read the Koran. It is believed that collective prayer is a sign of the equality of all Muslims, is a guarantee of compliance with all requirements and rules of reading prayers, and finally, more pleasing to Allah.