Select the correct time for namaz. It need to be made at dawn, noon, afternoon, evening, before sunset, and evening. In Muslim countries the minaret of the mosque you can hear the call and message about the time of prayer.
Wear suitable clothing. Men and women must be closed area awra - forbidden body parts. The woman should be covered except the face and hands, and the man is from the navel to the knees. Clothes should not be bright or calling, and transparent. It should be clean.
Find a suitable place. Man, it is desirable to pray in the mosque, but there are other places besides the numerous forbidden - toilet, shower or bath, cemetery and other areas that are considered contaminated. Women are allowed to pray at home or in designated places in the mosque.
Take a rite of purification. Depending on the type of contamination, it can be small or large. The first involves washing the hands up to elbows, legs to knees, and the face and neck. The ablution is supposed to mean the cleansing of the whole body. Please note that many Muslim religious authorities believe the women's ablution void if her with the painted nails. Therefore, they recommended Muslim women not to apply varnish or wash before each prayer.
Select the correct direction of prayer. You should be facing the Qibla. The easiest way in this case to focus in the mosque where the prayer hall is organized in accordance with the cardinal points.
During the prayer recite the required verses from the Quran and make bows. Begin the standing prayer with praise of Allah. Then put your hands on your stomach or chest level and read one of the prayers, called "Sana". Continue the prayer of the first Sura of the Koran. You must then recite another Surah of your choice that is best suited to your current religious mood. Conclude this portion of a prayer bow.
Continue the prayer by praising Allah. Then make two prostration of so that your head touched the prayer rug. Repeat reading the first Sura, and then augment it for another one, not spoken to you in the first part of the prayer. Complete recitation prostrations. After that, sit on your knees and say the words, called "Confession of faith" and greeting to Prophet Muhammad. Complete the prayer, having hands to the face and complementing her glorification of Allah-the final prayer.