You will need
  • - Mat
  • - spacious, clean and loose clothes
Make for the beginning of wudoo'. If the procedure is done correctly, with observance of all necessary requirements, the ghusl is valid. If your fingernails have lacquer on them, or on the skin there are any paint - rinse everything. On demand the ritual ablution, the water must reach all parts of the body, and the presence of foreign substances on the skin prevents this. Allowed the use of natural dyes, for example henna. Who was in Hajj, you have probably seen people who have rugi and feet were painted with henna.
Close the entire body, leave exposed only the hands and face. Clothes a woman should be opaque and spacious, not emphasizing the curves of the body.
Do not put feet on width of shoulders, it is the rule for men. Not required highly to raise their hands when pronouncing the words "Allahu Akbar!". When committed by a bow, the woman needs to be precise in the actions. If by chance associated with the process a part of the body, you should quickly hide it and continue with the ceremony. It is very important that the woman was not distracted during prayer.
Participate in collective prayer, if you received permission from her husband or guardian. The majority of women spend their namaz at home. Chores on the farm, caring for the children is not always possible to choose the time to go to the mosque. Men must attend the mosque at the time of each prayer.
And establish regular prayer five times a day. This morning prayer, midday prayer, afternoon prayer, sunset prayer, prayer at nightfall. Each of the time periods in which to read the prayer, in accordance with the five parts of the day.
Observe the mandatory requirements for the Salat: the ritual purity, the direction of prayer (facing the Kaaba), the desire to pray, the presence of clean clothes (all clothing must not be below the ankles), absolute sobriety. Prayer cannot be made at noon, at sunrise and sunset. Prayer is a special prayer rug, Mat or any clean clothes spread out. For men the Sharia recommends prayer in the mosque.