This prayer is read in the same way as the others. However, in the third racegate after reading Surah al-Fatiha and after a short Sura, again pronounced Takbir with the raising of hands at the beginning of the prayer. Then the hands are again as usual (women chest and men below the navel), read Dua Qunoot and concludes this worship as all - attahiyat, Salawat and Salam to both sides. That's the main difference of this type of prayer from others.

Here it is advisable to read initial the first racegate after al-Fatiha Sura al-Ala" (Almighty), in the second racegate Sura "Kâfirûn" (Incorrect) in the third Ikhlas (Sincerity). From Ubayy Ibn Kahba (pbuh) narrated that were read by the Prophet himself (peace be upon him of Allah). Other hadiths we know that he read the Surah of Ikhlas (Sincerity), "Falak" (Dawn) and "Us" (People). This is the Sunnah. You can read and other verses as desired. The namaz is read only to himself, Dua ' Qunoot.

In the Holy month of Ramadan read the Witr behind the Imam with the Jamat (community) after Tarawih prayers. In addition to the Witr prayer, Dua Qunoot is recited when people are facing any danger. In this case the Imam is reciting Dua Qunut after bowing and asks Allah to help the believer and asks for the curse to enemies.