You will need
  • - blank journal for the issuance of safety instructions;
  • - documents of the company;
  • - The labour code of the Russian Federation;
  • - instructions on safety.
In the organization of labor protection management of the enterprise should pay particular attention to instructions on the technique of security. For the development of these documents involved specially trained people. In large companies, as a rule, this deals with the Department on labor protection. In small firms the development of the regulations involved heads of services (structural divisions), as well as the responsible person appointed by order of the Director.
Occupational safety, equipment safety are regulated by special collective agreement, other local normative act of the company. The provisions spells out features of the organization of the service, the attached list of documents, which are approved by order of the management.
Try keeping a journal issuing instructions technique safety. On the cover sheet write the name of the document in capital letters. Specify the name of the organization. Enter the name of the service (if the company is large enough to maintain such a journal is needed for each business unit separately). Write the date when you started the document.
Logging is a responsible person appointed by the head. Dismissal of specialist it is recommended to make the act of transfer and acceptance of the journal as well as instructions for the technique of securityattached to it.
In the first column of the document put serial number in the second - enter the date that the issuance instructions to the employee. In the third column of the magazine, write the number (designation) of the user, the fourth of its name. Enter the number of copies (sometimes the user get immediate superiors for multiple workers). Specify the personal data the position of persons who have received instruction in the sixth column, the seventh – ask for the signature of the document. Keep a log once they are full up to 45 years in the archive of the company.