The fire drill can be carried out in different cases: when hiring, acquaint me with the work place, in the case of commissioning of new equipment etc.

Introductory fire safety briefing

This type of briefing is obligatory for all people employed. This category includes travel and that the students, passing practice.

Conducting induction training deals with the engineer on fire safety or labour protection. The main purpose of this briefing is to give the employee the knowledge that will allow in the future to comply with the system of fire protection measures in the enterprise.

Usually an introduction is a brief introduction of the main requirements of fire safety regulations, the most dangerous areas of production, etc. in Addition can do, instructed the person familiarize with the basics of the use of fire extinguishing equipment, procedures for evacuation and other practical actions in case of fire.

Induction training is carried out in the office of occupational safety, where it is possible to show the worker extinguishing media and fire links, and to acquaint him with visual AIDS for fire safety (posters, photos).

Primary instructing on a workplace

Before you begin to work, the employee must be trained in the workplace. Man talk about a possible fire hazard for nearby devices and aggregates, materials used in production.

Employee instructed on local evacuation routes, responsibilities in case of fire, the order of calling emergency services, etc.

Unplanned fire instructions

This kind of instruction is given in the case of the introduction of new production standards, launch of new equipment, change of technological processes. In addition, unscheduled fire instruction is given for violators of fire safety and at the request of the state fire supervision.

Extra training is carried out both individually and in group form.

Target fire drill

The target instruction is carried out in the case of an employee of single works that are not related to its primary activity or profession. This usually happens when performing work that require a permit.

Regardless of the type of instruction, at its end, the instructor checks on how well the employee has learned the rules of fire safety. After validating knowledge is the entry in the journal of instruction signature required instructiunea.