You will need
  • Manual safety, magazine briefings, handouts: diagrams of equipment which will work man, the layout of the room with the image input and output in enterprises, the presence of ventilation hatches, etc.
Instruction is given on the basis of instructions for the technique of security, which is being developed at the company employee of labour protection in accordance with the order of his leader. In the manual safety sign the basic rules of safe work with any equipment, action in case of force majeure situations, etc.
Instructions <b>technology</b> <em>security</em>
Briefing on technology security can be done in group or individually. Importantly, workers have a clear idea about what rules they should follow to prevent injuries in the workplace, how to provide first aid to the victim, etc.
Coaching is usually a test master or the person under whose control will have to work with the new employee. Can be obtained as a special responsible person, whose duties included the conduct of instructionand the technique of security among employees.
The instructor familiarizes workers with the rules on labor protection at the enterprise, the actions in the event of dangerous situations; rules for the use of personal protective equipment; locations of fire extinguishers, first aid, the causes of possible accidents and injuries, making the number of warnings, and on completion of the oral tests the students knowledge of safe work practices
Only after reading the instructions for the technique of security an employee may be allowed to your workplace.