Take the magazine. Can buy ready-made option in the printing or manufacture it from a notebook or sketchpad. Divide the pivot column 10. Write on them the date that you specify personal data instructiunea, his profession, the type of instruction (it can be primary, repeated, unscheduled, target), the number of the user, the reasons for, if it's repeated, your details, information about training for your signature.
Identify responsible and performers for the conduct of briefing on the working place. Will require the timely organization learning and knowledge testing in General, which rests on the head, and the structural units (shop, station, laboratory, workshop) - the chief of Department. The first instruction passes the head, then the rest.
Develop and approve the program of primary instruction. The specific content of the program depends on the specifics of the profession or type of work. Fire inspection manual will be different than for labor.
Assign persons who will be primary trained. As a rule, newly hired employees, persons performing temporary work for, seconded, builders involved in construction activities on the territory of existing enterprise students, who arrived at training or practice. Persons not related to the maintenance, adjustments, testing and repair equipment, using tools, storage and use of raw materials, the instruction can not take place. In this case, you must issue a relevant order.
Write the text of primary instruction. Use the model instructions on labor protection, and regulations on labor protection. Use the video instructions.
Show the employee the full text of the briefing. You can read it for yourself to give a listen to the audio to see the video. Conducted a survey, which may be oral with the help of technical means of education. Make an entry in magazine, e-registration orientation with the obligatory signature and your instructiunea. Start and make the entry in a personal card training (if necessary).
Write neatly, avoid patching, use the same ink. Page magazineand Proszowice, number the remaining part of the cord attach to the last page part of a sheet of paper on which write the number of pages. All staple print and sign. Register magazine, give it an inventory number. Completely filled log hand over to the person in charge and get a new one instead. Shelf life is 45 years.