Become the winner or the winner of the final stage of all-Russian Olympiad. Municipal and state universities will automatically accept you to the Department that corresponds to the profile of the Olympics. For example, if you will take the second place in Olympiad on mathematics, you can assume that you already learn in high school mathematics faculty.
Proceed to paid faculty, where exams are not provided, if you pay at the cashier of the University certain amount for tuition. As a rule, this amount should be added at the beginning of each school year, not just for all the training entirely. Such departments exist in many private educational institutions, who are deprived of budget funding and thus "earn a living".
Enter at delivery of unified state exam is the number of points, which is considered passing for admission to the UNIVERSITY. This figure is set by the admission Commission of a higher educational institution.
Look on University websites, the virtual Olympiad, organized by educational institutions for students. Go to "World competitions," which is an official resource of the Russian Council of school Olympiads. Win one of these remote Olympiads.
If you have finished school with a gold medal, find such higher educational institution, which in this case will agree to take you without exams, only based on the results of a personal interview. In some Universities this is possible.
Enrolled in the correspondence Department of the Moscow state University of railway engineering.
Win one of the projects organized by media in cooperation with leading universities of the country. To do this, send a work corresponding to the requirements by mail to the editorial office of the publication. Take part in the programme format for free Learn in high school 5 years" or "University challenge" and win the possibility of entering the Moscow institutes without exams.