You will need
  • - ticket;
  • - temporary registration;
  • - newspaper free ads;
  • - the Internet.
It is much easier to move if you are a student enrolled in one of St. Petersburg universities. At the time of training you will provide affordable housing in a dormitory (subject to availability) and make your registration. If you want to stay in the Northern capital, the rate on the third-fourth start to look for work in the specialty. Of course, it's hard to be a working student, but after you finish UNIVERSITY, you will be able to find a paying job that will allow you to stay in St. Petersburg.
If you decide to drop everything and go to conquer the big city, it is useless sitting at home to look for jobs and housing. Come to see the apartment or to go to a job interview the next day, you are unlikely, and no one will keep you the coveted position unless you are a highly skilled professional with excellent references. Therefore, fold into a bag of the necessary things and take the train.
On arrival in Saint Petersburg do not throw away the ticket. By law a citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to be in the city on the Neva up to 90 days, not making residence. Unless you have a cherished liner in the passport, the ticket is your document check by police. However, to postpone the registration temporary registration is not necessary, as without it, good job you find will not succeed. If you have friends or relatives in St. Petersburg, you may agree that they will prescribe. Provisional registration is for six months or a year, after this period it can be renewed. If loved ones in the city you do not, use the services of firms that make everyone a temporary residence permit.
Start looking for housing. You can search by yourself ads on specialized websites, in Newspapers, groups in social networks. Is it possible to hire a realtor who will take a fee from you, but you'll find a comfortable and affordable apartment. Before you sign a contract, look for reviews on real estate office on the Internet.
Once you are at the passport office issued the documents, you can begin to search for work. Post your resume on the major job sites. Check each day to see the updated list of vacancies and send your data for you liked offers. If the job excites you, please call the Department on work with personnel and to clarify, is it your CV, and when you give the answer.