Wait for the posting of the first list of applicants, and you will see what are these guys tend to do in this University. Do not worry if your name is not in the forefront of this list. This is just preliminary data. Look closely at the column of people filing originals (they will be not so much). As by law are allowed to apply to five schools, these same names will already have appeared in lists of other universities.
Follow the analysis of the results of the exam in your area according to news reports, the Internet (on sites of specific universities), in newspaper articles. Such data are the public use, are presented in the form of statistics (charts, tables, graphs, photographs). All will help you focus and understand how great your chances. If your scores are satisfactory, consider whether to submit the original documents to the University.
Consult with alumni enrolled on budget places. On a personal example and the example of their classmates, they will tell you, as we did ourselves. Comparing your scores, you'll know about the entrance. But remember that in every school a passing score own - somewhere above, somewhere below. To some extent it depends on the prestige of the University, the number of budget places and the number of beneficiaries who applied.
Be sure to write the statement number. Universities that value their students, will inform you personally about the results of enrollment may even offer to immediately bring all the necessary documents. Sometimes it happens that your chosen profession requires a high passing scores. The statement also Express your wishes regarding another specialty, with lower scores. In this case, your chances will increase.