You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - the documents of all passengers;
  • - Bank card (may not be required).
Go to the website of the airline. Enter in the form the airport of departure and destination and date of departure, at one end, you fly or there and back again (the second option you will need to specify the return date), the number of adults, elderly people, and children of a particular age category among the passengers. In most cases all the necessary options can be selected from the drop down list and/or entered manually.When ready, click the appropriate button to give the system a command to search for options.
Of the offered possibilities, choose the most suitable date and departure time, price and conditions of the tariff. The latter can be read by clicking on the appropriate link. Make sure to do it before you make decisions.In terms of the tariff may contain, in particular, restrictions on the payment deadline after booking. Some, usually the cheapest fares involve the immediate purchase of a ticket. In this case you will need a Bank card.
On the next page, enter the names and passport data (or data of birth certificate of the child) - the series and number of all passengers. Treat it with the utmost care: at the slightest mistake people will not be able to pick up a reserved ticket, you sit in the planeor hand over the ticket.
When ready, proceed to the next stage.
The system will ask for your credit card details. Enter all necessary information and move on.
Your booking made. Follow the instructions of the system. Perhaps the confirmation displayed on the screen, have to print. But it may be sufficient to record the number.
If you prefer to personally visit airline, ticket office or a travel Agency, bring the documents of all passengers. Tell the operator all your wishes regarding the future of flight: how, where and when you fly, one way or and ago, number of passengers, how many children and what age and pensioners among them, preferred class of service (economy, business, first, premium, etc.), comments about prices and other essential terms of the tariff.Make your selection from the operator options. He will do everything necessary and give you a confirmation of your booking. It may be necessary, for example, when applying for a visa.
In case of reservation by phone, call the desired number the airline or other organization that provides this service. Give the operator all important information about the flight, as by personal visit to the cashier. Listen to the suggested options, choose the most appropriate.
Then tell the operator the names and passport details of all passengers. Make sure that the right they were recorded (usually the source itself offers to do it). Then listen and remember or write down the instructions for further action to repurchase the ticketagents and the removal of armor.
Her confirmation to redeem the tickets will have to visit the office of the company, which carried out the telephone booking.