To purchase tickets directly from the airlines that the carriage is not the only way to win in price. Various agencies ticket companies offer them at a big discount, and even with all the extra charges the Agency sells tickets at the same or lower than the airline price.
To purchase tickets you need to decide what class you fly (they are divided by level of comfort; most of the facilities offers first class, then business class and economy class). Better to buy tickets in advance; the purchase of the flight there and back is usually more beneficial. Specify whether discounts or promotions – their size and number may vary according to season, place, the number of flights. Detailed information about discounts and promotions, as well as the cost of tickets always available at the websites of the airlines and there you will be able to order tickets through the Internetfrom the comfort of home.
You have the following options – either you book the tickets online, then getting them a paper form in the office of the airport or in the airline office, or buy e-ticket. Electronic tickets cannot be lost and to forget, but easy to use – you simply present when you register your passport, your data is cross-checked with the database, then register you and you can take a flight! After purchasing your ticket on your e-mail will send the itinerary receipt that you can print and present at the confirmation of your purchase.
The electronic ticket can be exchanged exactly the same way as paper. To pay you can credit card, cash, web money. Payment includes all charges and fees. To purchase tickets online you can not only on the airline but also on the website of the consolidator, for example, As you can see, buying tickets online is not only convenient, but also profitable.