You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • phone;
  • - Bank account.
Read the conditions relating to exchange and return your ticket. Such data could be sent by e-mail with the ticket. If you do not have them, find them on the company's website in the section about buying tickets.

Between airlines, there are many similarities. For example, if the ticket was bought for a special promotion or at the very inexpensive rate, it is likely you can not return and can only be exchanged for a ticket on another flight. Also the less time remains before departure, the greater will be the amount of the fee of the airline, in that case, if delivery of ticket is possible.
Contact your airline if you have bought a ticket to one of its offices. In this case, the delivery of e-ticket is the same pattern as paper. Passport, your ticket is void and the cost of the flights minus the fee from the airline will return to your account after some time. A printed copy of the electronic ticket pass will not need - in itself it is not valid travel document, if you're not in the bought a ticket on a particular flight.
When ordering a flight at a travel Agency, the situation changes. If you bought tickets along with a tour, therefore, handing over the ticket, you cancel the whole trip. In this case, the amount of commissions depends on what was written in the contract signed by the operator and used for the purchase of the tour. Money, as in the case of the airline, most likely you will be refunded immediately.
When you buy a ticket on the online booking site, the situation is more complicated because you can't just come personally to the office of the organization. For passing the ticket you need to call the telephone number listed on the website for this case. Inform the operator about his desire to return the ticket and follow his instructions. It is also desirable to have a computer with Internet access as your e-mail can send a letter to confirm the cancellation of the flight.